The absolute peak experience!

Although it is now over 4 years since our Kilimanjaro adventure, it lives in our hearts like it was only yesterday. Our main goal was to do the climb, but I am thankful we combined it with the safari, as both were equally impressive in their own ways.
Kambona and his team are what made this trip so perfect. He has assembled a solid and knowledgeable group of guides that enrich your experience of the land and the people. The simple fact that he grew up amongst the Masai tells you that he has a connection with people that no western tour operator can hope to reproduce.
We had the good fortune of meeting him at a presentation he gave in Phoenix, and we immediately felt that this was the man we wanted to guide us. His deep knowledge of the mountain, of the savannah, the plant and animal life helps you to see a deeper texture in what Tanzania has to offer. I have to laugh every time I think of our driver James exclaiming, while driving, that he has just seen a Cheetah, and the rest of us see nothing but endless, unbroken grassland until ten minutes later when we are parked just a few yards away from a serene mother with her two cubs eyeing us suspiciously…
How would one know what to pack for a trip like this? Kambona does a terrific job at outlining exactly what you will need, nothing more and nothing less, and out in the wilds on the roof of Africa, I was happy to find it was indeed exactly as he had said. Safety is a big priority, and he has covered all bases, much more so in my opinion than some of the larger companies. Comfort and food are more than adequate and usually excellent, considering the challenges of a moving camp on the mountain! The safari tents were great, and felt very secure, even with the sounds of lion roaring nearby at night…
My daughters (at 24 and 25) were a bit skeptical about the physical challenges, but managed it with ease, and now have an incredible story to tell for many years to come.
I would absolutely recommend Kambona to anyone considering going…explore his website and you will see what I mean (as well as seeing some pictures of our group)!