Our African Safari with Africa VIP Travel and Kambona Mollel exceeded our expectations

My spouse, brother-in-law and I traveled with Kambona on a photo safari and it was magnificent. I wanted to book directly with an African-based company and wanted to bypass the large travel companies that obviously take a percentage of the cost of a trip. It was a great feeling knowing that the entire cost of the trip went to an African entrepreneur. I have nothing against the large international travel companies but wanted to support a smaller company in Africa. Wow, the communications were amazing!!! I would send an email from my home in Canada with a question and in one case the answer came back 11 minutes later. If Kambona would be unavailable for a few days he let me know in advance in case I had any pressing questions. I thought that going on a safari with just 3 people, rather than a group, would be too expensive but the cost was well worth the trip. Whatever we wanted to do, e.g., spend more time watching lions, we did. This was excellent rather than having to be subjected to the vote of a larger group that wanted to take a photo and move on somewhere else. Kambona was very knowledgeable, carried lots of reference books and often joined us for supper at the end of day. Our days were well planned and we saw everything we hoped to see. It was always our decision to move on to our next stop. The itinerary, service and accommodations were excellent. Although we had a minor vehicle problem (as did some other very large tour companies), which is not unexpected on the rough roads, our problem was fixed very quickly. What stands out in my mind is that when our trip started we were customer and client. When we left Kambona we felt we were leaving a very close friend.