Traveled with Kambona in 2007 and 2010 and will do so again!

We love to travel and had wanted to do an African safari for a long time. Did not want to do a group tour…wanted a guide for four people…with more flexibility and freedom to explore. Didn’t have any idea of how to find “the guide”. After attending a meeting where a previous client of Kambona’s talked about his trip to Africa and his experience with Africa VIP Travel…my husband said: we’ve found our guide, we can schedule our trip to Africa! We traveled to Tanzania in February 2007. Kambona and his staff provided an experience we’ll never forget. The level of preparation, knowledge, attention to detail, sharing stories, patience with our questions and wonderful sense of humor presented by Kambona and his staff were beyond our expectations. The tent camping in the Serengeti was definitely a highlight of the trip, as were the game drives, the excitement of finding and observing the animals in their habitat was outstanding. There is absolutely no hesitation in referring our traveling friends to Kambona. They always return with positive experiences and we receive many thanks for helping them find ‘the guide’ to take them on their ‘trip of a lifetime’. In 2010 we returned for our second safari with Kambona. We look forward to returning with family members in order to share the experience with them. Kambona has become more than ‘the guide’, we now consider him our friend from Tanzania and can’t wait to introduce him to our traveling friends who are interested in making their first ‘trip of a lifetime’ in Tanzania!