The best choice of who to trust to guide your safari! Africa VIP Travel

My wife and I decided to take the trip that we would would take over any other. This would be the trip of our lifetime. The choice of where to go was actually very easy – an African Safari. We love the outdoors, live our lives as conservationists and love animals. That choice was the easy part. The harder choice was how to choose our guide and trip organizer. As we searched the internet the choices became overwhelming. The price ranges were all over the place. There were trips all over Africa. There were large companies, small companies, trip brokers and so much information that we became overwhelmed.

In talking about our desired trip with others, we found someone who solved that problem for us. He and his family had taken a safari last year with Africa VIP Travel based on a recommendation of someone who had also been very happy with them. He said we could trust them, they were wonderful people, paid attention to all of their needs and were experts at what they do.

They were right in all of what they said! We started email conversation with the company owner, Kambona six months before we would take the trip. He guided us through an understanding of what was involved and what arrangements would best meet our needs. Over six months he answered all of our questions and concerns, made us feel like he really cared about us and seemed as excited to be our guide as we were about going to Africa.

Here is a list of why our dream came true and how Kambona and his brother James made that possible.

1. Kambona and James are Maasai and are able to express what the culture is like through their life experiences. This was more than a trip to see animals, this became a trip to experience Tanzanian culture and learn its history.
2. They know where to go to see all the animals, the animal behaviors, and freely shared their knowledge with us in comfortable conversation. They are easy to understand, have a great sense of humor and made us feel very comfortable.
3. They never seem to get tired! They worked hard at meeting our needs and went as long as we could every day. They paid attention to safety and respected the animals and their environment.
4. The lodges and tent camps were excellent and met our needs after exhausting wonderful days.
5. We are amateur photographers, and they positioned the vehicle and moved it based on our needs for the best view and lighting conditions.
6. The price was right – saving us a significant amount compared to larger companies with more overhead. I truly believe that we received more value than we would have with larger more well known companies.
7. More than anything else – they can be trusted and are wonderful people!