Attentive, 5-star service with Africa VIP!

My father had previously been on a trek to Kilimanjaro with Kambona and his group 4 years ago. I had planned to take a trip to East Africa on my own, and decided to contact Kambona to see if I could add on to a group that he already was booked. He not only made accommodations for me, but my brother, our friend, and my father (who decided to come again). Kambona personally picked us up from the airport and waited for an extra hour (due a luggage issue). He made sure to take us to the airport the next day to pick up bags which were essential for our hike. The hike itself was intense but made all the more achievable by Kambona, his main guides, and the porter team (which he picks and tries to work with on every trek). Our camping experience in the Serengeti was also excellent, with another familiar team of helpers and cook, that have worked with Africa VIP for years. This is a group that really knows what they are doing, and really knows how to give visitors an authentic, but attended trekking and camping experience. Kambona has many friends scattered throughout the world, and we share his fantastic reputation with our closest friends, so they too can have the best experience in East Africa.