Africa VIP made us feel like VIP’s!

Let me start by saying my wife and I do not considers ourselves outdoor people. We don’t camp. However, Kilimanjaro has been on my bucket list for years. When the opportunity presented itself, we had to go. Since we were going halfway around the world, we added a safari as well. From the moment we contacted Kambona and Africa VIP we knew we had picked the right company. He provided easy to use guides for gear and what to expect on the mountain and the Serengeti.
The guides on the mountain, Adamson, Siaidi, Alan and Kambona and all the porters made sure we were comfortable, well fed and safe as the guided us on our attempt to the summit. They seemed to know how to get and keep us motivated. They have great stories, shared their experiences and wanted us to succeed. They did a great job of controlling what they could and because of them, our group of 9, all successfully reached the peak. An incredible experience.
The safari was breathtaking. Our drivers, James, Amarula and Issac were so knowledgable about the animals and plants it was scary. With 12 people and 3 vehicles we all took turns with all 3 drivers. We were able to cover a lot of territory and see a lot of animals and birds. Lions, including 13 cubs at one stop, 2 males after a kill and a mother with 3 cubs. Elephants with calves. Hippos, hippos, hippos. Lots of giraffe, some 6 feet from the jeep. As the animals were getting ready for the great migration, we saw thousand upon thousand wildebeest, zebra and gazelles. Pictures or words cannot describe the sight of all these animals in every direction. We saw cheetahs and leopards. Buffalo, hyenas and and many different deer. I can’t even begin to name all the birds. Kambona’s camp crew was as awesome as the rest of his staff. We had huge tents right in the Serengeti. We could hear animals at night. Hot showers daily. The meals were great. A nightly fire and cold beer. On top of that it was educational, too. While this whole group was adults, I would not hesitate to bring my family.
I have not mentioned the lodges Kambona selected for us. They were all wonderful. The Dik Dik, Safari Lodge and Bougainvillea. The staff was friendly. Rooms were clean. Food was good. We had wifi. However, it was great going 2 weeks with very little cell phone and internet service. We could just focus on the adventure. Africa VIP, Kambona (including his wife and son), and ALL his staff (for us, we spent a lot of time with James and think highly of him) were involved in us having a successful and rewarding experience. You don’t always find that, but we did. I highly recommend them and hope for their continued success!