Horace Nassary

Horace Nassary brings a tremendous depth of experience to Africa VIP Travel. Born in Arusha in 1949, he displayed a fascination with wildlife from an early age, securing a diploma in tourism and wildlife management by the time he was 21. He joined the Tanzanian National Parks Service and quickly advanced to the top, serving as a senior warden in many of Tanzania’s most important National Parks, including the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Katavi and Ruaha. During these years, Horace played a vital role in National Parks planning at a time when the southern parks, in particular, were experiencing their first flush of visitors. This inspired his initial interest in the safari tourism sector within which he has gone on to become a major player.

Working for Ker & Downey as a senior guide, Horace was often called upon to lead safaris for their major clients. As well as WWF’s Members tours, he has guided their top officials and, by specific requests, numerous zoological society groups from Australia and the United States. Recognizing earlier than most that the future of Tanzania’s wildlife ultimately would lie with those communities living on the periphery of its wildlife reserves, he became involved in developing a series of wildlife interpretative seminars. These then toured local villages, impressing on them the real long-term value of the resource that was sitting at their doorstep. As an extension of this, Horace has recently set up a school that trains budding driver-guides in the finer points of safari guiding. With the wealth of experience from 26 years working in East African National Parks, Horace is of great value on safari. He has a wonderful sense of humor and has a great talent as a raconteur. He has many fans around the world and we are fortunate that he has agreed to join Africa VIP Travel. Horace describes Tanzania as, “a place on earth where it is still the morning of life, where nature’s greatest herds still run free in the wilderness.”