Adamson Mollel

Adamson E. Mollel was born on the slopes of Mount Meru, near the city of Arusha, and is part of the Maasai tribe.  After primary school, he attended Oldadai Secondary School (1991 to 1994).  Because he loved nature and wanted to study more about it, he joined special training for tourism at Mount Meru Tour Guide College (1999 to 2000).  Eager to share his knowledge with other people, he joined  African Environments Tour Company.  First he worked as a porter (4 years), and promoted to work on a camp crew (3 years) before getting the chance to work as an assistant guide with an IMAX Filming Company which was producing a Mount Kilimanjaro documentary movie.

After receiving great reviews from the IMAX crew that Adamson helped guide,  he decided to take a training course for advanced tour guide and mountain guide from Kilimanjaro National Park instructors.  In addition, he took a first aid course organized by the Tanzania Red Cross, a special course called WFR (Wilderness First Responder) organized by an American training center, and also a course from AERIE, a school for backcountry medicine.

In 2011 Adamson was chosen as a guide for the famous Russian owner of the Chelsea Football Club in the United Kingdom, Roman Abramovich, in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  Afterwards he received an invitation to visit the Russian Federation, and visited there for two weeks that same year.

He is now part of Africa VIP Travel as a mountain guide  on both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru (the second highest mountain in Tanzania).

Adamson Mollel is married to Neema, and they have a beautiful daughter named Jessica.
Adamson’s hobbies are  bike riding, mountain hiking, listening to music, and sharing stories and his culture with others.